Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Note

My first actual post. And it's not about video games! Go figure.

This is a segment I'd like to call "Monday Note." It's my last day off of the weekend before the work week starts up, so I'd like to share some things I found over the weekend.

Best Buy's Xbox 360 BOGO 50% Off Sale
First and foremost, if you haven't heard already, Best Buy is throwing down on a nice BOGO 50% off Xbox 360 sale, and the games aren't for shit, either. 231 games as of the writing, and, sadly, I'm not interested in any of them, I have them pre-ordered elsewhere, or I already own them. I was planning on Wolfenstein and Guitar Hero 5, but I'll wait for the price drops. And WET's demo just didn't sell me. Reminds me of John Woo's Stranglehold, and I didn't make it far into that at all.

New Band: Secret & Whisper
A friend of mine turned me onto a new band called Secret & Whisper. They're a bit heavy, but mellow. The lead singer oozes Anthony Green (former Saosin, now Circa Survive) if he strained his vocals a bit. Really good, mostly clean vocals, not a whole lot of screaming. Definitely check out their CD "Great White Whale" (warning: link opens into iTunes). If you're into saving money, download "XOXOXO," "Spider Besider" and "Vanishings." All really good songs.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is the Shit
No words can describe how awesome this game is. Fucking brilliant is what it is. If you haven't bought it yet, it's on the aforementioned Best Buy deal, so get at it! It's like Legend of Zelda, but you're Batman!

The Batarang is Shit
No joke. Worst $100 I've spent on a collector's edition of a game, asides from Quantum of Solace, and the only reason I bought it was because it was cheaper than the regular edition, by a whole $10. Cheap as shit, given the "used by Batman" scratched look, and there's not paint scheme to it. Flimsy as hell, and worthless. Oh, and the case for the games is cardboard. Stick with the regular edition.

The Guy Who's Bringing it to Your Facehole

I (hopefully "we," soon) will be bringing you the goods on video games, with a dash of movie release highlights (theatrical and DVD), music and tech seen through my eyes. Think of this as Joystiq and Kotaku's bastard child, Engadget as the surrogate, raised by IGN with 1UP having weekend custody. It's like that. Don't feel threatened that I will be too distracted by all the topics to focus and bring you narrow-pointed logic: my primary focus of this blog is video games. If something comes up that's interesting, I'll blog about it. For now, video games are the number one priority, with tech, movies and music in that order.

The reasoning behind the name - asides from it's connection to gaming - is my tendency to throw the controller when I reach that point of frustration in the game where developers think it's cool to add 4 spawn points at the end of the final level with 2 turrets engrossed with sandbags and metal shielding at the end door that you can't defeat without the grenades you don't have, where the only way to win is to spend an hour taking care of the 3 RPG guys that welcome you as soon as the - only - checkpoint loads as soon as you enter the room (thank you, Black!). This picture is a result of too much frustration from Red Faction: Guerilla or Gears of War for Windows; I honestly can't remember which one:

Before I get too far a head of myself, I would actually like to introduce...myself, the wordsmith of this blog:

"Nintendo Tim" Johnson
22 years old, born and raised in Northern Virginia and currently residing in Manassas, VA. A gamer pretty much from birth (I came out with an NES controller in my hands), they've molded and shaped me into a know-it-all, deemed by my friends. Ranging across all major platforms, I give expert-quality advice on gaming as a whole. Still living at home with my parents Tim and Sonda, and my siblings Katie Rae and Logan, I pass the time by kicking ass in video games (leaving the name taking to Reggie), as well as offering his advice to those in need.

I earned my nickname "Nintendo Tim" from a friend of mine, who, at a party, suggested the name. As a collective, everyone agreed (thank you, Brandon Joyner). It grew on me, becoming my PSN name, Xbox Live GamerTag (formerly pacokorn77), Facebook name, and my license plate. It embodies the ideal that - depending on who you ask - I know all there is to know about video games or Nintendo. To me, it represents the amount of time that I pour into video games (I once took a week off of work to read all the incoming E3 06 news), becoming this know-it-all of video games. Of course, I don't do that now, I just read it at work (Newsstand for iPhone is a goddamned blessing).

I have a collective of over 300 games and nearly 20 systems, both home and handheld, spanning from NES all the way to 360. Last year, my collection was valued at roughly $10,000 (this includes everything gaming related, be it games, systems, accessories, etc.). Yes, I took into consideration that Perfect Dark: Zero Collector's Edition won't net $60 now (you'd probably get it for $20, if that), so I did the deductions. My most prized game? The Legend of Zelda for NES, complete (that means instruction booklet, map and box). Paid a little over $40 on eBay for it, but it was worth it.

Currently dating my girlfriend of nearly 2 years, I'm waiting for that opportunity that promises the monetary support to move out into my own home/town house/apartment. Working for American Security Programs in Washington, DC, I find the time during my days off, as well as the weekends, to play the games that I love. Come November 17, I'm screwed.

Keep it here for the good stuff on video games. I'm not trying to do anything special here, it's just my way of telling it how it is.