Saturday, September 5, 2009

IGN's Top 25 Consoles Of All Time

I was looking for Section 8's review from IGN, and I saw a link for a countdown for IGN's Top 25 consoles. Firstly, they lose points for making you go through a page for every system, rather than a simplified list with, I dunno, 5 per page? Maybe all?

Anyways, here's a breakdown of the top 10:

10. Nintendo Wii
9. Nintendo 64
8. Dreamcast
7. PSOne
6. Xbox 360
5. Genesis
3. PS2
2. Atari 2600
1. NES

All but one of the current generation of systems is in the top 10. Where's the PS3 at? Down at number 15. How about the last generation? Asides from the PS2, Xbox is holding strong at number 11, and the GameCube is right below the PS3 at number 16.

Adding insult to injury, there's a trio of old, old, incredibly old school systems right above the PS3. Apparently 8-bit (and less) graphics offer a better enjoyment than free online play. And a purple lunch box.