Monday, September 14, 2009

My Copies Of Halo 3 And Modern Warfare Were Stolen

I just found out Modern Warfare was stolen, but I've known of Halo 3 since yesterday.

My little brother, Logan, has been playing Halo 3 for a while now, and my family went on vacation at the end of July. He played it the night before they left. He comes back and there's no Halo 3 disc to be found. I blame it on one of his friends, as does my brother.

After checking through all of my game cases, I find that Modern Warfare is stolen. No disc in the case. Nothing. I have an idea of who it could be, but he's moved away since he was at my house last (the last time it was played - according to my Xbox - was 1.1.09).

I threw the notice out as a facebook status update, so let's hope someone comes clean, which I highly doubt.