Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sony's Motion Controller Dated for Spring 2010, Resident Evil 5 Rerelease

Here is where Patricia Ja Lee leads us to. Sony's press conference at TGS revealed three big things:
  1. Motion Controller in Spring 2010 (my speculation: likely before end of March; enough space between it and God of War III)
  2. Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition announced, includes motion controller capabilities. If this will come as paid DLC, I'm down. If not, I'm down.
  3. PSPgo's UMD-to-digital transfer program scrapped, completely negating my interest in this device. That, and they still aren't coming down from that "early adopter" $250 price tag (their words, not mine).
Also with the motion controller, 17 games that will work with it were announced, with a handful from the PSN (a title update will allow for the motion controller to work with it).

I have to point out how ridiculous the motion controller looks. I'm not too shocked at the design, considering the DualShock3 BOOMERANG!! Edition controller they presented when the PS3 was announced. As sexy as the PSPgo is, not to mention the much better, but still not-to-par PS3 slim, I would expect something better than this:

Image via Kotaku

That's not just some odd blob of light blue plastic. That's a light bulb that is part of the fucking controller.

As one Kotaku reader pointed out, at least grandma will love it: