Tuesday, September 1, 2009

While I Was Out

Another new segment, this called "While I Was Out." This is a recap of all the minute stories that I missed while I was at work. Well, more of the stories that I read at work that caught my attention, just nothing that phenomenal or that I couldn't get enough good stuff to think of to write about (think of this as my version of Kotaku's Notebook Dump):

Fantastic Four Reboot Gets Pushed By Fox
Basically, Fox wants in on this superhero movie bomb that has exploded recently, and they think their original Fantastic Four movies (self-titled and Rise of the Silver Surfer) weren't all that hot. So, Fox went after a guy who knows his stuff about super powered people to work on it. Michael Green (co-exec producer on Heroes, and co-writer of the Green Lantern movie) will pen the script.

Gears of War Bottles Up Imulsion For You To Drink
That nasty shit that turned the Brumak into that big ass blob of something at the end of Gears 2? The same shit that turned Wretches into Screaming-Meemies? You'll soon be drinking that same crap, but bottled up and not nearly as harmful for $4 a pop.

Universal Seen With Best Buy Over The Weekend, Lets Retailer Sell Blu Ray Movies Early
If you didn't catch this, Best Buy has scored an exclusive deal with Universal to sell select Blu Ray titles early (by a whole month!), starting with "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz"; these titles aren't expected to hit stores until September 22, but Best Buy has had them on shelves since August 25. Yours truly broke the news to High-Def Digest just last Tuesday, snatching up both titles at a local Best Buy and sending in a quick snapshot. Universal will also be using "Grace" as a entry into this exclusive deal, but it appears this will be a Blu Ray exclusive deal, seeing as the DVD of the same movie can be found elsewhere.

Giant Virtual Keyboard Spotted In Snow Leopard

Guess minor visual cleanups and Exchange support wasn't the only thing Apple snuck in. According to Leander Kahney at Cult of Mac, (s)he discovered an obsessively - almost Jesus-size - huge, on-screen, virtual keyboard in Snow Leopard's System Preferences. Evidently, it serves the same function as the one that was in Leopard, but much larger.

Todd McFarlane Loves Shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal, Promises Not To Stare Too Long
Todd McFarlane has scored the rights to make his own figurines of a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal pretending he is The Prince from the 2010 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie. According to Kotaku: "Fans will be able to choose between 4 inch shirtless Jakes, 6 inch deluxe shirtless Jakes, deluxe shirtless horse box sets, a movie play set, or a replica plastic Dagger of Time, perfect for rewinding your more heinous mistakes, such as when you use the word shirtless so much it becomes uncomfortable." Enjoy your shirtless Jake.

Modern Warfare 2 Has Throwing Daggers And Will Not Drop Your Multiplayer Games

Yay! I honestly expected Bungie to be the first on this, but Infinity Ward stepped up. First and foremost, when playing online, if the host drops out, the game will automatically throw the hosting responsibilities to another player, keeping the game active and won't throw you back into the lobby. Also, thrown knife kills as well. Are they purely disposable as in an ammo count, or can you retrieve the knife from their body, we don't know, but I'm hoping praying we can do the later.

USB 3.0 On The Horizon
Purely FYI, but USB 3.0 is almost here. The USB-IF (Implementers Forum) have announced the Compliance and Certification Program. What does that mean to you? Soon, you'll be able to stare at that blue piece of plastic looking back at you through your new USB 3.0 port.

WiiFit Plus For US Dated, Priced
You'll love Nintendo if you love WiiFit. October 4 at $20. Easy.

First DSi-Exclusive Announced, Actually Uses Camera
Warning: Bad Joke Ahead! You have been warned!

Remember that ghetto commercial with the kids running around with a light gun scanning bar codes at grocery stores, training themselves to be the next Employee of the Month? Sorry, I told you it was going to be bad.

Anyways, that was called Scannerz, or something like that, with a 'z' somewhere to make it look cool. Well, this game isn't named something as bad as that. Called 'Monster Finder,' nothing is known beyond the fact that it has over 100 monsters that are found with the DSi's camera. Make of that what you will.

Okami Sequel Announced: Okamiden
Yep, that's right. Okami is getting it's first sequel! They grow up so fast!

A DS exclusive, Okamiden was revealed in a Famitsu scan (found through the link), and summarized by 1UP. It's produced by Ace Attorney Investigations' Motohide Eshiro and directed by Dino Crisis series guy Kuniomi Matsushita, so you know it's in good hands. You won't play as Amaterasu, but you play as Chibiterasu (if your Japanese is rusty, the prefix "Chibi" is often used for describing something small in nature, or in this case, younger). Chibiterasu is a "younger, less all-powerful" version of Amaterasu, and you have a partner character, named Kuninushi, the offspring of Susano from the original. Think of it as Link of Midna...without the furries getting their hands around it.

That wraps it up. Thanks for reading.