Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Xbox 360's 802.11n Router At FCC

Image via Gizmodo

I've seen this around the web for a few days, but it hasn't dawned on me to blog about it. A black, footed, double-antennas wireless router for the 360 has been found in the FCC. It boasts 802.11n wireless capabilities, and is the only way to stream 1080p video content to the 360 itself from the Zune/video marketplace, unless you can wire an ethernet cable to your 360 (my router and 360 are on different levels of the house).

What the price is, I'm not sure, nor is anyone else. However, let's put this into perspective: 802.11n will allow for much faster downloads to the 360, quicker accessibility to the Marketplace, more reliable, stable connections to Xbox Live and multiplayer, and the new WNA has two antennas. How much did the original cost? Oh right, $100, about $50 too goddamned much. Double the antenna? Double the price.

Oh, and this pretty much confirms our deepest, darkest fears: the 360 will never have internal Wi-Fi.