Friday, October 9, 2009

[IN OTHER PLACES] Destroyed Controller Now on YouTube

Despite my first DC video (I'm going to run into problems with DC Comics, I just know it) being on my personal YouTube account, I went ahead and created an account specifically for the site.

World, please welcome DesCon's YouTube Channel.

Trying new things. First, simply Destroyed Controller. Then, DC Online; that didn't last long. Finally, DesCon hits. Maybe Destructocon...actually, MySpace and facebook already have users with that as their URL name - yes, I did just Google it, too.

Shit. Well, if any readers out there care to contribute, give me your best name. Hell, give me a banner. Give me a render. Something to spark up this site.

[UPDATE] You know, I really didn't even bother to say what I'll be posting. Expect a lot of various content, but not a whole lot of content itself; I'm a one-man army, and I can only do so little. There will be little no editing whatsoever - I simply don't know how to work video edition software, hell, I don't even own video editing software.

Content wise?
  • Unboxing/unwrapping of video game special edition and gadgets, both of the gaming variety and not
  • Video reviews (not every game I buy will get a video review or even a review)
  • Random videos with content that can only be explained via video
  • Midnight launches of major game releases and consoles (expect console midnight launches years away)
You've been warned.