Monday, October 12, 2009

[MIDNIGHT LAUNCH] Get your Uncharted 2 and Brütal Legend In...45 minutes

I just realized that both Uncharted 2 and Brütal Legend are getting midnight launches. There's only one store near me - GameStop in Woodbridge, the one next to Party City - and it's throwing down for both games. However, I have a rack of Best Buy Reward Zone certificates piled up, and then there's the Toys R Us Buy 2 Get 1 deal they're having, so I'll probably just wait until tomorrow for them.

It's officially Rocktober 13 tomorrow, so get your fedoras and...oh, wait, sorry, wrong franchise. So get your quarter-tuck/three-quarter-tuck shirts and your spiked gauntlets, because it's going to be a hell of a ride tomorrow.

Midnight Launch Stores (scroll down for link): Uncharted 2 / Brütal Legend