Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More UK-Exclusive Limited Editions

Ready for a trifecta that will blow you mind? So, we all know of my bitching and ranting when it comes to the UK getting exclusive limited editions of games, right? Sit down tight, because shit is about to get real.

Image via Joystiq

Three announcements over the course of a week has me about to loose my mind. First, New Super Mario Bros. Wii getting it's own collector's edition, which is nothing more than a fancy tin that doubles as a piggy bank. Cute. Didn't really get me riled up, and I couldn't care less for a coin bank.

Image via Joystiq

Then, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks has it's own tin, this time coming with miniature figurines of Link and a Darknut enemy. Super. This started to get me heated.

Here's the fuck-ton that will cause your brain to seep from your dick hole:

Image via Engadget

Nintendo of Europe has decided to release a black Wii "limited bundle," consisting of, get this: Wii Sports Resort game bundle (with black MotionPlus), black Wii Remote, black Nunchuk, black Classic Controller Pro, alongside a slew of black-donned accessories ready for those ready for their black, chic Wii goodies. And that Classic Controller Pro has "no plans" for release in the States, much like all three items above.

OK, I have officially had it. Nintendo is actually starting to piss me off with this black Wii thing. They first show off the Wii in black. Then it says it's shipping the Wii in white and black at launch. They retract "black" from the statement, and only ship in white. Due to slipping consumer interest in Japan, Nintendo releases a black Wii bundle with Monster Hunter 3, which Japan quickly gobbles that shit up. Then, Reggie Fils Aime - NOA President - says there are no plans to bring a black Wii to the states. Finally, this shit happens, NOE releasing the black Wii over there.

Thanks, Nintendo and Sony (Infamous, Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted) for completely ignoring the largest country for you to make a shit ton of money from. Seriously, thanks.

[NSMB Wii via Joystiq]
[LoZ: ST via Joystiq]
[Black Wii via Engadget]