Saturday, October 3, 2009

[NIGHT NOTE] Kristen Bell is back in Assassin's Creed II

Image via Joystiq

Oh, Joystiq, what would I do without you? Well, I do have Kotaku, but that glorious head of hair on Crecente can't solve all the worlds problems.

Enter Kristen Bell. I, for one, forgot about her small - but important - role in Assassin's Creed, Lucy. Remember that hot, blonde girl in the present day helping Desmond through his "memory loss?" The one that revealed herself as a member of the same guild creed of assassins by curling her left ring finger back near the end? Yea, that one.

Oh, and the crazy, lightning-induced, hot, blonde chick from Heroes, Elle. Yea, that one.

Anyways, she's back in Assassin's Creed II as, you guess it, Lucy. Head past the break for another shot. You look at that picture. You look at it long and hard. You then look back at me and I dare you to say you wouldn't hit that.

Oh yea, you would.