Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PSP Slim with Dual Nubs, Camera, 32GB Flash Memory, not a dream

My first thought? GTFO. JoblessPunk DESIGNS has modded everything you would want in the PSP Slim, that should have been there from the PSP Phat, and should have been added in the PSPgo. Just goes to show, Sony wants to make as much money off of as little as possible. Sounds like another company we all know too well...

Anyways, there's a YouTube video of some chick from a bubble-gum pop looking band, Audioclique (note: the only reason I say that is because she looks identical to one of the girls from the band The Millionaires, who I had the unfortunate displeasure of having to sit through while waiting for A Skylit Drive to go on at Warped Tour this year) interviewing one of the modders from JoblessPunk. He does a great job of taking jabs at Sony, and markets himself by putting his email out there for others to contact him if they are interested in mass-production.

Catch the video after the break.

Source • Engadget