Sunday, October 11, 2009

Resistance 3 Announced?

As I'm cruising through my RSS feeds playing the Uncharted 2 MP demo, I see something in regards to a Resistance 3 billboard. Considering Sony and billboards get along so well (giant PSP ad, the black/white controversy, et cetera), it didn't surprise me Sony would do some future-advertising (PS9 anyone?).

Turns out, it's a stage prop for a movie being filmed in LA called Battle: Los Angeles featuring everyone's favorite Harvey Dent, Aaron Eckhart, and an eagle-eyed reader over at NeoGAF (goldsoundz) spotted the billboard while driving, and snapped the obligatory photos.

The movie itself isn't due out until February 2011, so I'm sure Sony could get R3 rubbed out by then. You could even say we can look forward to a Winter 2010 release date for the game, seeing as every game in the series has released in the Winter of their respective launch years.

Head past the break for details and my own speculation on what this could mean.

I do want to point out the figure in the 'A' of the title. In all Resistance titles to date (1, 2 and Retribution), the A has served as the landmark for where you would be fighting. Take a gander below, as my amazing Paintbrush skills are put to the ultimate test:

As you can see, I've singled-out the A in each title. Fall of Man took place in London, or more specifically Britain and just outside of Britain. Resistance 2 took us State-side, and - as far as I got in the game - Nathan Hale gets his hands dirty in some San Fransisco frolicking, as evidenced by the Golden Gate Bridge. In Retribution, you're in France, with the Eifel Tower on the cover (my lack of knowledge on this game shows greatly, as I own the game and got maybe, 15 minutes into it). And now, we have the Statue of Liberty displayed in the 'A' on the billboard logo. I can only speculate - just as everyone else will - that the game will take place in New York City, or throughout New England itself (let us in on some Quahog action).

Each his own, I guess.

Source • NeoGAF Forums
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