Monday, October 12, 2009

Uncharted 2 Betas expiring quicker than a fat man at a marathon [UPDATED]

[UPDATED] Wow. All I have to say is "wow."

Sony just updated the PS.b to say that to make up for the screw up today, they'll be increase the number of FHE prizes from 10 to 20 for Saturday and Sunday. They will still honor the Monday entrants with the normal 10. They effectively doubled your chance to win one for Saturday and Sunday, and are giving out 50 instead of 30 FHEs. They only made 200, so the other 150 are for this weekend, which brings me to my next point.

This weekend - Friday through Sunday - if you play the game online, you'll be entered into another chance to win the FHE. They're handing out 30 for the weekend. They will be randomly selecting names, so make sure you're playing! There is a mention of contest rules to follow, however, there is nothing on the blog post.

Read it all for yourself at the link below. I'm getting a 400 error on my Mac with "nginx" below it (seriously, all it says is "400 Bad Request" and "nginx"), but my PS3 has no problem pulling it up. Good luck.

PS.b - Uncharted 2 Demo Ended - More Chances to Win the Fortune Hunter Edition

Oh, and everything below is pretty much has a null-and-void stamp all over it, but it's an interesting read. I've hidden the original post past the break, so read at your own will.

Too much? Sorry.

I log on to my PS3 today to get in on some UC2B (UnCharted 2 Beta) and it tells me the content has expired. "Nuh uh," I tell myself. I check the info screen, and this is what befalls my eyes:

You're fucking kidding, right? My demo expired at noon? Sony's own contest to with the Fortune Hunter Edition says the contest ends at 11:59PM PST on 10/12 (or 2:59AM EST 10/13). I hop on the (PS.b) and find out I'm not the only one with an expired demo. I voiced my "concern" with Sony in the following posts:

Yea, what the crap?
Contest ends tonight at 11:59PM. My expiration on the demo is Noon!
Good job, Sony. You just screwed a lot of people out winning on the third day. Thanks.

Sorry, I should be a bit more specific:
The expiration date on the demo reads 10/12 @ Noon. I’m on the East Coast, so the contest technically ends for me at 2:59AM on 10/13, considering we’re 3 hours ahead.
However, that doesn’t matter because my demo expired 2.5 hours ago while I was repairing my router to make sure I COULD play the demo today to get my name entered (I did play Saturday and Sunday, however).
Again, thanks.

Was I just screwed out of a chance to enter the contest?


Yea, I was. Thanks, Sony.