Friday, October 9, 2009

[UNWRAPPING] Brütal Legend Pre-Order LP Sleeve

Brütal Legend LP Sleeve

So much talk about this pre-order incentive from Best Buy. Announced on blogs, then Best Buy disavows knowledge of the bonus. Employees don't know about it, and the website doesn't show anything about it.

Well, it appears only the employees that double as gamers only know about this, seeing as nobody in the store knew about this (despite, the fact, the same store I used to work for where I quit a year ago). I find their endcap littered with the pre-order boxes, and low and behold, on the top rack, lies the LP cover.

This isn't the size of a CD, oh hell no. This is a full blown, full size LP cover. Well, maybe not full blown, despite the LP sleeve opens part way, as if glued down. Why?

The unwrapping video is in the break. Seriously, can you call this an unboxing when there's nothing to unbox?