Monday, October 5, 2009

Xbox 360's Wireless N Coming Sooner Than You Think

Remember all that talk about a wireless-n adapter for your Xbox 360? If the recently-found GameStop listing is true, you'll have yours on November 3rd for $100. The original adapter is still listed at $100, but it's a safe bet GameStop doesn't want to lose any money on something that Microsoft will probably not drop the price on.

At this point, it seems as if Microsoft will just give gamers the choice of which protocol they want. One offers a/b/g, the other has a/b/g/n. With the Wi-Fi Committee unveiling the new logo with the 'N' branded on it appearing on the top right, we can say "confirmed" with the pack-shot, but for price and date, it's still unconfirmed.

Ironically enough, this launches mere days before Halo Waypoint. Coincidence?