Monday, November 16, 2009

Badass: The Game demo included in Assassin's Creed 2?

Sorry, I meant Splinter Cell: Conviction.

There's this video going around of your typical, hood, black guy - you know, hat crooked, shirt 5 times too big, that "hood" - with his own copy of AC2, and inside it has an insert for a download voucher for a Splinter Cell: Conviction demo. Now, he's not the only one, as a NeoGAF poster - god, I love this forum; everything comes from there - by the name of 'Eggo,' said he got a voucher with the code "CONV1C71ON" on it.

It obviously doesn't appear to be randomized, or something a keygen can crack. Going to SC:C's official page and entering the code will allow you to download a wallpaper and various audio files as .mp3s or for ringtones. However, no demo link, as it will be just once per code.

I'm getting AC2 at midnight at my local GameStop (Woodbridge, VA...the one next to Fridays, not Shoppers), so being able to see this for myself in a few hours will settle it for myself.

Remember, and I need to say this, the demo for SC:C will only be included - if it's legit - in the Xbox 360 version of AC2, as SC:C is not coming to Sony's Big Black Box; it's a 360 exclusive.

[NeoGAF Post]
[Video of Insert]