Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halo: Reach Screens Surface...Wait, WHAT?!?!

My initial reaction was some shitty, blurry screens that showed absolutely nothing of value in terms of new information.

Well, they're blurry as shit, I'll give it that.

Found over at NeoGAF (when doesn't something good come out of there?), user 'Dani,' who gives credit to another user by the name of Tashi0106, posted some very good info about Halo: Reach, and images.

Firstly, I scanned through them quickly, and you'll find my favorite one at the top of this post. WTF is that? It seems like it's a high-caliber version of the Needler, which, yea, like we need more pink mist...

::please let this be ba-dass::

...but there are some VERY interesting pieces of info to be had from these images, which I detail in the break.


  • Forge, Matchmaking and Theater modes appear to be filed under "Activities" on the main menu
  • There appears to be a 2-seater Warthog, minus turret or convoy seats, as evidenced in the above image
  • New, high-caliber, Needler-type weapon
  • Weapon Redesigns, or more of their older versions, of the Spartan Laser, Needler, Battle Rifle and Rocket Launcher
  • Assault Rifle "confirmed" to be in the game
  • No word on the AutoMag (PLEASE!)
  • A "Privacy" option in the pause menu
  • HUD is orange (ODST), as opposed to blue (Chief) or purple (Arbiter). It's known that Reach explains the events that happened on Reach, mainly what the fuck happened to all the Spartans, save for Master Chief. Here, the Spartans are wearing Mark IV armor, not V as in H1, or VI in H2 or H3. Mark IV armor was the - here's the Halo story backtrack - first mobile exoskeleton suit that streamlined to the human body and didn't require a direct connection to an external power source. Want a good picture without Googling it? Look at your Halo Wars box. That's a Mark IV. In terms of aesthetic appeal, I'd wear IV armor over V or VI any day. 
  • Health system appears to be a perfect blend of ODST and Halo 1; you have your stamina meter, plus health packets donning the underside of it, ala Metroid Prime.
  • It appears that there is a Mark III in our midst in the below image. It looks as if he's holding a two handed weapon, as well as a HUGE backpack on his, well, back. The aforementioned external power packs for Mark I, II and III did not reside on the unit itself, but on the battlefield. Perhaps this is a 3.5 of some sort?
  • Perhaps the most intriguing is the inclusion of, what appears to be, a list of your squad mates immediately next to your radar. Perhaps this is debug code on the screenshot, but there are, what looks like, small shields next to the lines of text. Don't know about you.

Better theories? Want to bash mine? Leave in the comments.