Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just Putting it out There: MW2's First Day Sales

I caught this in my RSS feed while at work, and I'm not a fan of the email blog posts that blogger offers, so here's my two cents on the 4.7 million copies in a 24 hour span:

Holy butt-fucking shit balls. Where there that many people that bought it? Activision has said MW2 sales totaled $301,000,000. I'm putting all those zeroes in there to make a statement: that's a shit ton of money. That shits all over theatrical releases. It's a good thing they didn't take $301 million and divide by $60, because that would be really bad (and way half a million off). Does it help that people buy more than one copy of a game (actually, more than one Prestige edition) hopefully to turn a profit on ebay?

I just checked ebay, and the first listing had 8 minutes to go, and it was up to $203, $53 more than what it retails for. Really guys?