Friday, November 6, 2009

My Club Nintendo rewards are finally here!

After months of waiting, I finally got my Mario hat last week for achieving Platinum status through Club Nintendo, which I failed to write about. Today, I arrive home with a two-foot tall poster tube on the kitchen counter. I knew exactly what it was, and ironically enough, I dropped all my shit and went straight for it as I did when I got Ocarina of Time in the mail when it came out.

The Mario hat isn't anything special, as it's a huge fucking red hat. It barely fits my head, but I got locks of hair on my dome.

The poster tube contained the Legend of Zelda posters Club Nintendo were handing out for 350 coins. Before I get into that, I'd like to make a comparison between coin value and the rewards. If you get nearly a 1:1 ratio for a game's retail price and coins (DS game nets 30 coins, Wii game 50, Wii Fit 80, etc), then I spent in the neighborhood of $350 to earn enough coins for these posters. The Game & Watch DS collection I have was 800 points.

Anyways, I open the poster tube, and carefully packaged in, meaning a thick piece of blank, white paper surrounded all three posters coiled amongst one another, with a smaller piece of paper separating the two, to prevent any sticking or static-electricity that may damage the posters. Way to go, Nintendo!

There are 3 posters: A timeline of Link's different cosmetic changes over the years, a Phantom Hourglass artwork - sans a huge LoZ:PH logo, but a rather subtle font takes the place in the lower corner - and another huge Twilight Princess poster, in the style of PH's poster.

I'd take pictures, but they're in the process of being flattened out. After that, I'm buying frames for them. Yes, I am buying frames to protect my Legend of Zelda posters I got for spending the equivalent of $350. You better fucking believe it.