Monday, November 9, 2009

Publishers speak out on GameStop's decision to break MW2's release date

"Are you fucking serious?" I'm sure you'll be thinking that by the end of this post.

In response to GameStop's decision to release Modern Warfare 2 before it's scheduled release date, Capcom told Kotaku:

"Street dates are broken all the time," Capcom director of communications and industry veteran Chris Kramer told Kotaku. "But I've never seen the decision made at a corporate level before. Launching a new game is an incredibly complicated process for the publisher at a level of Capcom or Activision, a process that makes publishers rely heavily on partners at many levels. That one of those partners – especially a partner that still is a significant part of a publisher's business – could just decide to change a roll-out of a game is more than a bit distressing."

 Yes, Capcom throwing down the law on Activi...oh, wait, what? There's more?

GameStop's move would seem to strain the company's relationship with publishers, but none indicated to Kotaku that they plan to take action.

What the fuck?! You're not going to punish someone for releasing Modern Warfare 2 early? You'll just sit idly by and let people break street dates on Modern-FUCKING-Warfare 2 and not do a damn thing? Hell, GameStop probably through that, since they're the largest video game retailer in the nation, they can get by with this because they're a crucial stepping stone between publishers and consumers. Without them, you're limited to Best Buy. And Walmart. You have to be absolutely, bat-shit fucking insa....there's more?

Activision reps did not address specific Kotaku queries about whether the company would take any action against GameStop or change any of its practices involving shipping games early to retailers.

YES! There's hope! Well, how about we settle with the good old fashioned punishment? In that, you ship them your game a week after it's scheduled release date. That'll really piss your partners off.

[Via Kotaku]