Monday, November 9, 2009

Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition is coming as DLC

In a move not surprising to anyone, Capcom's poll that had users decide between repackaging RE5 with the new content or release it as DLC has tallied all the votes - all 2,346 of them - and came back with the majority wanting DLC. Try 63% of voters.

Goes to show that paying for the same game twice doesn't pay off all the time.

The extra content will be coming to Japan in a repackaged special edition, whereas both platforms will be getting DLC in every other region. Expect the Japanese Alternative Edition's value to skyrocket.

Oh, and this seems to be my favorite quote from the blog post:

...just make sure to hold on to your RE5 disc and you’ll be ready to roll in Spring 2010 when we make available new Resident Evil adventures (and some other things we haven’t told you about yet) for you.

Yea, uhh, what other stuff? Leon Scottward Kennedy making an appearance, perhaps? What happened with him in that 8 year gap between RE3 and RE4?

[Via Capcom]