Sunday, November 15, 2009

[SIDE NOTE] PS3 Trophy Card Tracker for iPhone

Anybody know a good PS3 trophy card tracker app for the iPhone, or one of the better ones in the App Store that is free?

I like how Microsoft mandated all the XBL Achievement tracker apps on the iPhone be free, and I've got one (iNXES [iTunes Link]) that gets the job done, but is very limited in the information it shows; it doesn't sync with your profile - you have to add your GamerTag in which is nothing more than a list of all the friends that you know their Tag by heart or want to constantly compare with - you can't see individual achievements without it opening Safari and going to, forcing you to sign in and see the list on the site. It's just you, your friends, and the game cards.

I know I get somewhere around 10-15 people a day here, which is pretty remarkable, considering I don't freely advertise my site on facebook or anything - and I don't think I'll have a response to this - but if someone is scavenging through here and knows which one is better, let me know.