Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heavy Rain's Delayed Trophies

To prevent you from coming out of the game-induced coma that is the story of Heavy Rain, the developer, Quantic Dream, has gotten the green light from Sony to set a delay on the trophy notifications; you won't know you've unlocked a trophy until you're between chapters.

What's to say that I've unlocked 10 trophies in a chapter, and I have to look and wait as 10 trophy notifications rape my TV's top right corner for 5 minutes? Sony should implement what Microsoft did to Achievements, what, 2 years ago, in that there should be one pop-up for whatever Achievements/Trophies you've just earned. There are games that still slip by this - BrĂ¼tal Legend is one of the more recent games I can think of - but it shouldn't be hard to do this. Hell, it would make it easier.

Kotaku originally ran this story, and here's what I had to say, in response to the user Spilt_Milk:

I can see why you think they're lazy, but I completely agree with Quantic Dream. The blips do take you out of the experience, but they should be looking at ways to show that you've earned the reward in-game.

For example, if you earned a trophy in the game and it's during a scene while in a house, there could be a bookshelf in the background with a trophy in it - be it bronze, silver or gold - and it will shimmer or glisten to indicate a trophy has been unlocked of a certain worth, and you can check what it was later.

Of course, that will have problems, such as if you don't earn the trophy, will it still be there, or will the trophy materialize out of nowhere. To me, they can plan the trophies, meaning, if you've done something prior to the aforementioned cutscene that rewards a trophy, the scene will load with that trophy on the bookshelf.

Or just give the gamer the choice to turn the notifications on or off in the options menu.

I would love for devs to think of shit like this and actually implement it. It would make the "slap back to reality" - as user Friedhamster put it - far less harsh and keep you in the moment of the game.

[Via Kotaku]