Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Release dates galore: Yakuza 4, Mega Man 10, Perfect Dark and Brütal DLC

In a day that probably won't be remember for jack shit, we are treated to four - count 'em, one-two-three-four - release dates spanning multiple consoles and regions.

First up, Yakuza 4. We - Yanks and Brits - were glad to learn that Yakuza 3 would finally get the localization treatment it deserved and would be coming our way March 2010 (my prediction date, again, is the 16). Today, Sega announces that Japan has mastered space-time travel and will be treated to the release of Yakuza 4. In the same month. On the 18th. Bump that. Next!

Nintendo Power has unveiled (I have yet to receive my issue) that Mega Man 10 will be coming to WiiWare sometime. No solid release date or other systems were made available, but you will be able to play as Proto Man right out of the box download, as well as a third, mystery character. And we're still getting the retro, NES-style artwork and 8-bit style graphics. Radical.

What was thought to get a release date at the end of this year, Perfect Dark won't see the XBLA until early next year. Keep in mind, Rare said "Winter," which that particular season does carry over into the following year (hell, most of it is in the beginning of the year). I'll remind you: When Capcom announced Resident Evil 4 was getting a release of "Winter" way back in 2003, they didn't say which half, and it ended up in our GameCubes in January of '04. Holy shit, has it really been nearly 6 years since RE4? Fuck...

And finally, Brütal Legend will finally get some single-player DLC, in the form of Druid Plow upgrades, new skins for both the Deuce and Eddie, as well as a Rockmore Effigie of, you guessed it, Tim Schafer. Dubbed the "Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC," you'll get:
  • (3) New outfits for Eddie - Black Metal, Zaulia, and Mountain Man
  • (4) New paintjobs for the Deuce 
  • (1) New upgrade for the Deuce - Oculus of the Lost (shows all collectibles on the map)*
  • (4) New MP maps - The Altar of Blood, Coiled Remains, Crucible of the Titans and Amplified Cliffs
  • (9) New Achievements/Trophies
  • (1) Ultimate way to pay tribute to Tim Schafer - His own Rockmore Effigy
 Yea, it's seems like a hell of a lot of content, but the PS3 owners are getting the deal here again, snagging it at $5. 360 owners are shelling out 480 MSP, or $6. Typo? I don't think so. I just see it as another way Mr. Schafer is paying his metal tribute to the PS3. Why that is, I still have no fucking idea.

* Why this wasn't in the game to begin with is beyond all fucking reason.
Kotaku doesn't make a mention of this, but Joystiq does.

Oh yea, the release date. You'll get it on the 17. That's in 8 days.

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