Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why did I just now find out about this? Girlzwhogame calls Dead Space "FPS"

I was reading the Kotaku article about Game Informer's Dead Space 2 screenshot whatchajiggit (seriously, thought, I'll pass on the Photosynth bullshit; just give me a fucking screenshot), and there was a comment that caught my eye. So I checked it out, and this chick is saying that Dead Space is a "really fun first person shooter." Keep in mind, this post was made last December. I nearly shat myself, thinking it was nothing more than ad space, and she didn't care.

Then I read the comments.

I won't spoil anything, just read them. Just...when you get to RHR's comment about kittens at the bottom linking to a tinyurl site, do NOT click the link. It's nothing but vag that's been cosmetically pierced, and, well, some aren't all that great to look at, honestly. Enjoy.

[Via girlz who game]