Tuesday, December 1, 2009

[WORK NOTE] FFXIII Box Art, Dante's Inferno demo dated, 360 Wireless-N Router bought

Just a few things to write about while I was at work:

Final Fantasy XIII's Box Art Revealed I find this a bit intriguing, as the Japanese box art has been officially revealed, but it's nowhere near as awesome or awe-inspiring as say, well, any other entry in the series. It's just Lightning on a white background. That's it. Let's hope the NA box art is better.

Dante's Inferno demo next month, PS3 2 weeks before 360 Much more intriguing, DI's demo is coming 12/10 on the PSN, while XBLM visitors will get it Christmas Eve, 12/24. Two weeks later. The only reason I can see why: PixelJunk Shooter is out that same day on the PSN, and Sony hopes that one positively influences downloads of the other.

Just bought the 360 Wireless-N WNA Finally got around to buying it, but haven't snapped it on yet; the little brother is getting his Burnout Paradise fix.