Thursday, January 21, 2010

Angry reader emails me about 4 year old Resident Evil 4 guide [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] I received an email in response from David to mine, apologizing:

sorry if i came out as a bit hostile, i was just having a bad day, and when i saw your guide, i thought maybe it would show me what i wanted to know.
i see however, you have researched your guide, and maybe you could do a treasures and keys guide aswell? i would love to lend a hand in describing where all the treasures are that i can remember.
and i remember everything lol.

sorry if i ofended you.
hoping you are well, and all that other shit.

He blames it on having a bad day. Ok, so maybe you were having a bad day; there's no way for me to say you weren't. He admits that my guide is "researched" and wants me to take this to another level and do a treasures guide. He also wants to help. Sorry, but not interested; it's been 4 years since RE4 and I'm ready for RE5's Gold Edition, as well as thumbing through Zelda and iTablet rumors.

I received an email late last night from a reader - not a blog reader - who has some...distaste towards a guide I wrote for Resident Evil 4. Specifically, I wrote a Version Difference Guide, detailing differences between the GameCube and PS2 versions of the game. Here's what he had to say:

hello, my name is david "kinda obvious from my email addy", and i wanted to tell you, that your FAQ,whatsitcalled on resident evil four, has more holes in it then swiss cheese... i got sick of your mistakes by the time i read ur bit on the blacktails firepower on exclusive... IT IS NOT 3.4, IT IS 4.5 ON THE GAMECUBE. and i should bloody well know, seeing as ive finished it about 28 times now, and im playing it again on pro mode, 3rd round.
i cannot have any opinions on seperate ways, or several of the parts wich the GC misses out on, but i am sick to death of all your mistakes... i will read your guide again, and make a list on the mistakes. i will also give you all the corrections for your mistakes.

but you also forgot to mention something, that even my 4 year old nephew knows... leon looks totally awesome when he wears his pimp suit, and sits in saddlers throne. you forgot that... and you also forgot to mention that once you stand up from that chair, you also look directly above the doorway you came in from, and a treasure becomes painfully obvious as it is just HANGING above the doorway.

i wish i could get the pimp suit on the GC version... ahwell, illhave to get a wii and buy the wii version.

thank you for reading this. i look forward to sending you the full and complete list of all your GC vers mistakes.

This is a copy/paste of his email; I have not altered it in any way. Notice near the end he mentions his 4-year old nephew. For fuck's sake, why are you letting your 4-year old nephew watch you play Resident Evil 4?

Well, I retaliated in the best way: professionalism. Head past the break for my response.

Dear David,

Thank you for taking the time to write me in regards to the Version Difference Guide for Resident Evil 4. It appears you have a few indifferences about my guide, so let me take the time to explain what my guide does. My guide, as stated earlier, is a "Version Difference Guide." It is there to explain the differences between the GameCube and PlayStation 2 releases of Resident Evil 4. My guide is not a walkthrough of any sort, nor is it there to give advice on how to play the game. It is merely there as a reference guide for those who are curious to know the differences between the two releases, considering the difference in system architecture of the two systems; one system may be better at producing a more "realistic" lighting effect over another, or may be able to render more polygons on a character model, or even perhaps have more enemies on screen at a given time. With that said, let me lay to rest any qualms you may have:

The first issue I see is the Blacktail's Exclusive upgrade on the GameCube version. It is, in fact, 3.4, whereas on the PS2, Wii and PC, it is 4.5. You can check any official game guide either online or in print. IGN's official guide (link), where I've managed to find the Blacktail under the Weapons section (it's the fourth weapon down in the list), lists this information.

In regards to the Throne in the Castle that allows you sit in, if you check under section VII - Version Differences, subsection F - Castle, you will find this chunk of text regarding the throne room under "Missing Chair":

Missing Chair

When you play as Ashley, when you enter the hall that has the armor statues,
there is supposed to be a chair off to your right before you go down that hall
with a Spinel on it. In the PS2 version, the chair is gone, but the Spinel is
there, but invisible; you can't see it, but the Take command appears, much like
the Emerald and Saddler's throne on the Island.

As you can see, I have brought up the throne in my guide, but not in any detailed fashion, due to my aforementioned statements regarding the guide's non-walkthrough nature. I have not mentioned the treasure you can shoot down, purely because there is no difference to report.

Although I will agree with you that Leon does look pretty awesome with the 50's gangster suit on, I do not have to state whether or not he looks "pimp" with it or not, as it does not pertain to the guide. However, I do mention the new outfits in the PS2 version in section VII - Version Differences, subsection D - Unlockables with this excerpt:

New Outfits

Along with Leon's RPD outfit, Ashley's Cowgirl outfit, and Ada's Assignment Ada
outfit, you get a new outfit for both Leon and Ashley, which are unlocked after
beating Separate Ways. Leon sports a 1950's Chicago gangster outfit (with white
scarf, suit, and hat).

I hope that my thoughts on the matter will dissolve any issues you may have with the guide, and I hope that I sorted out any misinformation I may have given with the guide.

Take care,

For those that are curious, here is a link to my guide at IGN. Make of it what you will, but I look forward to his response.