Monday, January 11, 2010

[ANSWER ME, DAMMIT] Thrice's "Beggars" vinyl release: What colors were used in the pressings? [UPDATED]

I'm after each color that Thrice released the "Beggars" vinyl on, however, I do not know how many colors they were pressed on.

I know of five: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and Clear/White; I've seen each of these on eBay, I own the yellow, and my girlfriend has red. My cousin tells me there are also Black and Orange, however, I have yet to see these anywhere. I can see all of these colors making sense, seeing as if you were to take a gander at the artwork used for the album, you'll notice all of these colors appear on it.

If anyone can tell me what colors there are, it would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, I took the concept of this post from Kotaku's Tell Us, Dammit articles.

UPDATE: I did some hardcore Googling, and found this over at Bands on Fire:
Limited Edition - 2000 Numbered Copies
(with Autographed Booklet & Download Card)

400+ Green
300+ Blue
300+ Mint
300+ White / Clear mixed
250+ Red
250+ Mustard Yellow
99 (or less) Clear
45 (or less) Purple

Standard Edition
(not numbered, not autographed, and no download card

200+ with little bit of colors from the above