Thursday, January 28, 2010

Destroyed Controller Logo: Anyone wanna help?

I hate seeing that orange blogger 'B' for my logo. It's ugly. I need something new. I have no Photoshoppin' skills at all, so I'm asking the itty-bitty bit of people who pass by through here to come up with something, if you care at all to do such a thing.

Elements? Well, considering the blog is called "Destroyed Controller," I figured using that as a reference point. A simple, elegant, font-based logo without too much jazz going on, and a teeny-tiny square one for the browser address bar and RSS feeds.

Too much to ask for? Ehh, what's the worst that could happen? I might actually get something.

What's that, a reward you're asking for? Little Johnny, listen, I'm a small time blogger with big dreams for my game developing skills that I still need to develop (ironic, no?), so there's not much I can offer other than the site's life span's worth of gratitude.