Thursday, January 28, 2010

[FOLLOW-UP] Gamer Grub: I need a new hat

For a few days, me and Keith Mullin, the man behind Gamer Grub, have been exchanging emails in regards to my original post about the snack food. Keith is very passionate about his product, and to ensure that people try it and that they will like it, he offered to send me samples of the two flavors that are out right now: Pizza and PB&J. I respectively declined his offer, saying that I will gladly pay for his product for the opportunity to try it out.

As stated in my original post, I paid the $13 from Amazon to have two bags delivered. During my Assassin's Creed II: Battle of Forli DLC binge, the package arrived. I've managed to get half way through the bag, and I found this:

Yes, that's right, my own words. I am eating my words right now, because Gamer Grub is pretty damned tasty.

Check out the transcripts of the email conversation after the break.

Nintendo Tim ;

You did not need to fork over the $ on Amazon.  What is your address and I can send you some samples.  No problem.  You gotta try the PBJ.

I really do not have marketing budget, dept or personnel for that matter., so did not pay 360 for the write up. They just did it on their own.  Who knew. 

I started Gamer Grub in my garage. I like to multi-task and had problems snacking while gaming or working on the computer.  Vitamins and neurotransmitters were added cause I do not like to lose.

Provide your address and I can send samples and I can get them right out.  Then I will also know where you live.... just kidding. :)  Be well.

Keith Mullin



I want to first off thank you for taking time from your day to email me, although my intentions were not to draw attention from the company. I did not expect an email from the creator/founder, let alone the company at all.  

I respectfully decline the shwag; I will gladly pay to try something out. For someone who started this as an out-of-garage company, I do not want to take money from your pockets just to ease the mind of a skeptic. Originally, I was not aware - yet under the assumption - this was part of a major food corporation ploy to appeal to the gamer market; I was proven wrong by your original email. If I overlooked this info on the website, I humbly apologize for that, and I will post a follow-up on my blog to reflect that.   

I have an admiration toward what you have done, in that you took a simple idea and made a successful company out of that. I would like to consider myself on the same page as you, albeit, you are much further along than I; I am an aspiring game designer, and currently learning the ropes to make one. Considering the amount of "shit" I talked about your product, you handled the situation very professionally, and I have the utmost respect for that; you could say I almost have my tail between my legs, in that you actually approached me, but did so to settle my qualms, which you have to most of them. The only thing left to prove me wrong on is the food itself. 
I am looking forward to getting the package from Amazon, and I will email you as soon as I do with my thoughts, even before I post anything my my site.      

Take care,



I just received the package from Amazon today, and I tore into it ASAP. When I heard  "4 oz. package," I was skeptical in it's size, but it is bigger than I expected. Again, the only one I ordered was the pizza flavor, simply because I'm not a PB&J fan - although, if you insist I try it, I'll see if I can find one somewhere - and I must say, it really does taste like pizza. It's not just a hint of the flavor of a pizza, but if you let yourself savor each mouthful, you really get a kick of pizza. The variety of stuff in the bag reminds me of Trail Mix, and I love me some Trail Mix. If pizza tastes like this, I can't wait for the wasabi flavor.

I will say this: I think I found a few words jumbled up in the bag, because right now, I'm eating my words. This is, without a doubt, one of the best snack foods I've eaten in a while. This is one skeptic who will be a repeat customer, and I wish you the best of luck with your company.

Take Care,

That's it. I cannot explain any further how good this stuff really is. I was a bit perplexed by just how good it was, compared to my initial judgment. However, I can't stop eating it, and I've got a lunch date with my girlfriend in about an hour. Damn you, Gamer Grub!!