Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heavy Rain's US Boxart is Different

See that? On the left, you have the UK box art for Heavy Rain. On the right, the US. See the difference? Just in case you don't, here it is:


Moreover, wet, soppy, water soaked tits. You've still got the origami piece on there, but far less prominent, possibly simply holding up aforementioned tits.

This was unveiled over at Sony's PlayStation.blog, where I posted my disgust for it (post #122):

@ Christian Cardona – Thank you so much for offering the UK box art for download when the game launches. I, for one, believe the very simplistic, yet powerful, artwork chosen for the UK release is far better than the US release.

The only reason I can give for the move is to add a dash of sex appeal to the game to get more people to consider the purchase. The game’s initial sales may not be all that hot compared to Indigo Prophecy, but word of mouth will get that ball rolling; I bought Indigo Prophecy at launch, but got a handful of others to buy it simply because of my word.

This falls in-line with Nintendo’s decision to make Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks boxart for the NA release more…violent, or edgy, given Link is angrily grasping his sword, as opposed to the happy-go-lucky allure he has on the UK boxart, riding the Spirit Train.

Bad move on the art change. It won’t change the fact I’m buying this, of course, but I will be downloading that file and tossing the US artwork in favor of the UK’s.

It's still "awaiting moderation," despite another comment appear just after mine.

There is good news to get from this: they will offer a downloadable image of the UK's artwork for you to print off and use, if you choose to. They say to keep your eye on the blog around the time of launch, so expect yours truly to have it bookmarked, a tab for it always open and an itchy download finger on the mouse.