Thursday, February 11, 2010

Major Nelson's 10 Things to Know from X10

Major Nelson's blog is the only coorporate man-to-gamer community that I consistently read, or better yet, subscribe an RSS feed from.

One feed that came through that is chock full of info is his list of 10 things that came out of X10 that you should know. Believe me you, you should know all but...none:

Toy Soldiers - March 3 
Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition Xbox 360 Bundle - March 9, $400
Perfect Dark - TBA
Scrap Metal - TBA
XBL Game Room - TBA

Splinter Cell: Conviction - April 13 

Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta - May 3
Alan Wake - May 18
Lost Planet 2 - May 18 

Dead Rising: CASE ZERO - Prior to DR2's launch
Dead Rising 2 - August 31

Fable III

Nothing fairly groundbreaking, except we get definitive release dates - or something tangible - for Perfect Dark HD, Halo: Reach's beta, Alan Wake, Lost Planet 2 and Dead Rising, as well as the announcement of the interquel (told you I'd be using it sooner than later) that is Dead Rising: Case Zero, which ties together the first and second, hopefully explaining why Frank West's ugly mug isn't the facade we play by.