Friday, February 5, 2010

[RUMOR] Will Nintendo reveal a new system at GDC?

We haven't reached the one-month countdown yet, and we're already getting retard-crazy rumors started up.

This first rumor is that Nintendo already has a new system in the pipeline, devs are already working on it, and they're set to unveil it at GDC next month.

What could be misconstrued as a new system yet to be talked about is that Nintendo has yet to officially unveil the DSi XL to North America; they simply did a follow up at the Japanese unveiling to mention the North American and European name and a release window. There hasn't been a press conference talking about it. This could simply be Nintendo bringing DSi XL news stateside.

Another way you can take this is - bear with me - the Wii HD. This has to be said in the rumor mill, because when you hear "Nintendo" and "new system," you immediately think of the Wii HD.

Finally, Nintendo could finally confirm they are bat-shit crazy by unveiling a new GameBoy. That's right, a new GameBoy. Fucking retarded, right? So retarded, you'd buy one. Just like the iPad.

[Via VideoGamer]