Sunday, March 28, 2010

The smartest thing to ever come from GameFAQs

::its been a minute since ive posted something here::

As I'm scouring the internet for a half-decent Final Fantasy XIII Weapon Guide (or, as my search bar reads, "final fantasy xiii best weapons for each character"), I stumble upon this gem at GameFAQs, and anyone who's been on the internet for about a month can tell you, there are some fucking retards on the GameFAQs forum. To me, GameFAQs' forum has always been seen as a collective pool of the internet's biggest dumbasses, and when I find this, I have to make a notary.

Dubbed "[HUGE GUIDE] Weapon Upgrading and Weapon Analysis -- One-Stop Guide," thread creator Zelphin Morpheus has outdone him/herself with this comprehensive, detailed guide for the best weapons to use for each character. He dispells the worst weapons for every character - and gives good reason why - as well as emphasizes why his picks work for the characters. He even groups a weapon with the character's role (Commando, Ravager, etc.) to help familiarize each character with the appropriate weapon in their best role. For example, he throws this wildball at you, saying Sazh would be the best pick for a Synergist and either the Deneb Duellers or the Rigals would be his best weapons.

I've got a TextEdit entry opened with some quick notes on the characters. It's a definite recommendation for those still confused (as I am, a little ways into chapter 9) with the weapon upgrading process.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

[REVIEW] Heavy Rain

Well, the time has come: I am here to review Heavy Rain. A short, few years ago, this game was shown off at E3 to eager gamers wanting to know what the PS3 was capable of. That was four years ago. Finally, we've gotten that initial tech demo in the form of Indigo Prophecy 2 Heavy Rain.

I initially wrote this for Metacritic, but there was an issue uploading the review to the site, so it's a simple copy/paste job. Please, for the love of fuck, there are spoilers. I cannot emphasize this enough:

I remember way back in 2006 when Heavy Rain was first shown off, with tears running down the girl's face as she pointed the gun at me; I was in shock by how picture perfect this tech demo looked. Four years later, I finally have my hands on a copy of this game, and I am very glad that Quantic Dream took their time with this game, considering the lack-luster visual performance they delivered with amazing Indigo Prophecy ('Fahrenheit' for you Brits). Not knowing this, you wouldn't believe that these two games came from the same development team, judging by the visual performance alone. Delving into the story, you can see that Heavy Rain is a spiritual successor to Indigo Prophecy.

The interaction with the environment and the vast amounts of directions the game can take you. Halfway through the game, I felt that if I opened the wrong cabinet door, or turned a door knob the wrong way, it would set forth a Butterfly Effect that has yet to be seen. However, I do not say that in spite of the team, oh lord no. I wish there was more of this kind of interaction with the characters and environment in other games.

I have never seen story telling in such a way until now that made me care for the characters. I wanted Madison to hook up with Ethan. I wanted Jayden to beat the crap out of Blake. I choked up at the beginning when Ethan's son died (how, I will never know, as Ethan was hit by the car). I actually felt for the characters and their possible outcomes. At the beginning before I even started the game, I was under the impression that the game would guide my actions to an ending that the developers wanted. Quite the contraire: my actions would influence even the most minute details of this amazing story.

Heavy Rain is a visually stunning, story driven, user oriented drama that is required playing for anyone that I know, that is reading this, or that owns a PS3. Hell, even if you don't own a PS3, break into your friend's house that has one and play it there (they'll understand, trust me). If my mother can become intrigued by this game, sit down, and ask questions about it - something that she has never done - then Quantic Dream, you win.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Releases : March : An Evil God's Fantasy

It's March Madness. You know what that means, right? No, not basketball. It's November's slightly smaller, yet just as awesome cousin! He's in town, and he's bringing the goodies. Final Fantasy XIII, RE5: Gold Edition and God of War III are just a few of the awesomeness that March is bringing.

March 1
  • Mega Man 10 (WiiWare)
March 2
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (360, PS3)
March 3
  • Resident Evil 5 DLC: Desperate Escape (XBLM, PSN)
March 9
  • Final Fantasy XIII (360, PS3)
  • Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (360, PS3)
  • Yakuza 3 (PS3) 
March 11
  • Mega Man 10 (PSN)
    March 14
    • Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver (DS)
    March 16
    • Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight (360, PS3)
    • God of War III (PS3)
    • Metro 2033 (360, PS3)
    March 17
    • Perfect Dark (XBLA)
      March 23
      • Red Steel 2 (Wii)
      March 24
      • Left 4 Dead 2 DLC: The Passing (XBLM)
      • Xbox Live Game Room (360)
        March 28
        • WarioWare: DIY (DSiWare)
        March 31
        • Mega Man 10 (XBLA)