Sunday, March 28, 2010

The smartest thing to ever come from GameFAQs

::its been a minute since ive posted something here::

As I'm scouring the internet for a half-decent Final Fantasy XIII Weapon Guide (or, as my search bar reads, "final fantasy xiii best weapons for each character"), I stumble upon this gem at GameFAQs, and anyone who's been on the internet for about a month can tell you, there are some fucking retards on the GameFAQs forum. To me, GameFAQs' forum has always been seen as a collective pool of the internet's biggest dumbasses, and when I find this, I have to make a notary.

Dubbed "[HUGE GUIDE] Weapon Upgrading and Weapon Analysis -- One-Stop Guide," thread creator Zelphin Morpheus has outdone him/herself with this comprehensive, detailed guide for the best weapons to use for each character. He dispells the worst weapons for every character - and gives good reason why - as well as emphasizes why his picks work for the characters. He even groups a weapon with the character's role (Commando, Ravager, etc.) to help familiarize each character with the appropriate weapon in their best role. For example, he throws this wildball at you, saying Sazh would be the best pick for a Synergist and either the Deneb Duellers or the Rigals would be his best weapons.

I've got a TextEdit entry opened with some quick notes on the characters. It's a definite recommendation for those still confused (as I am, a little ways into chapter 9) with the weapon upgrading process.