Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two Secret Tom Clancy Games in the Works

Another cat out of the bag today, Ubisoft's brand manager for the Tom Clancy franchise, Michael Verheijdt, said he's working on two new TC games, but if he said anything further, Mr. Fischer would be sent after you.

Seriously, that was it. So what's the purpose behind this post, rather than to inform you that Ubisoft is still utilizing entries in the franchises based off of one man's books that they bought the rights to? To make predictions, of course!

We know Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was announced, so that can't be it, unless Ubisoft is being more like Square Enix with Final Fantasy, I would be proud to predict that Ghost Recon: Universal Soldier is one of those new titles. Oh, wait...

Anyways, back to reality. EndWar 2 wasn't formally announced, but back in February, Ubisoft officially announced that development for the game had been "put on the backburner." Bummer, cause that first one wasn't all that hot to begin with.

::see what i did there?::

The only other franchises we have are, you gottit, HAWX and Rainbow Six.

I'm just hoping they don't go with Rainbow Six 7 as the name. I think part of my brain asploded just then and there.