Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[UH-OH] Dead Space 2 Trailer Leaked, Immediately Pulled

So I haven't said jack about the whole Dead Space 2 hooplah, with the Rorschach ink blots, with a supposed hidden date of April 29, 2010 (that's tomorrow for the calendar illiterate).

Well, someone got a little jumpy and uploaded a teaser trailer for the game on YouTube, which was subsequently pulled by YouTube because EA cried "copyright infringement."

More like your YouTube guy is a dumbass.

With this leak, it goes hand-in-hand with another leak that Kotaku got a hold of a back in February of an apparent survey that outed both Dead Space: Extraction HD for XBLA and PSN, as well as something called Planet Cracker, a supposed prequel that plays in the homage of Command & Conquer, where you're harvesting materials:

"Another title, known as Planet Cracker, was potentially more interesting. Described as a "resource strategy game where players will manage a CEC Mining operation," Planet Cracker focuses players on attempting to "maximize their daily profit" and "defending their hard-won ore from Space Pirates." Sounds like Ore Tycoon aboard the USG Ishimura."

Looks like EA can't keep their shit together when it comes to this game in particular. With Microsoft messing up the Gears of War 3 unveil, you'd think that a press copy of the next Zelda game would magically fall in Kim Jong-il's lap tomorrow.