Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[MY GAME] I figured out a new name

Now, bear with me, I just had this thought come to me. I've been playing God of War for a few hours now, trying to crank out the last few Trophies I don't have. I don't know how it came to me, but I have an idea for a new name. It's not definite, but I am liking it, and the idea behind it:

Say hello to Project Mercury.

For those who don't know, Project Mercury was actually the name for the first manned spaceflight program the US had. It's goal was to put the first human in orbit around the Earth, and the shuttle took flight on February 20, 1962.

There are a few significances that name shares with me:
  • Project Mercury was the first space flight the US made. My game is the first game I have ever attempted to make (or begin to make)
  • Being the first space flight, it put man in an unknown territory. Game development is completely new to myself, as I have never dabbled in it whatsoever. 
  • Project Mercury's flight was February 20, one day after my birthday, but granted, I was born in 1987. Still, a hell of a correlation.
Another sub-conscious reason behind this is that Mercury is the first planet in the solar system, and this is my first game. Perhaps when Game 2 comes around, Project Venus could be the tentative name.