Wednesday, May 5, 2010 Offers up Halo: Reach beta stat tracking

[UPDATE] So there is a reason why my stats aren't all that hot; it's only counting "general matchmaking games" and not Arena or Invasion, which Arena is where I put most of my action. Taken from Morgon's comment on MGC's blog entry regarding the Reach Stat tracker:

I'm not seeing any issues with your card... although I should have probably made it more clear that this only counts general matchmaking games, not Arena or Invasion.

[ORIGINAL POST] See that little guy? He's tracking my Reach beta stats, courtesy of Enter in your 'tag, select "Halo: Reach ScoreCard" and blammo! You've got a portable stat tracker, more so than what you can in-game of the beta. The stats aren't up-to-date (doing a quick comparison, my deadliest weapon isn't Melee, but the Plasma Launcher; you know what, fuck it, my fists are my deadliest weapons), but nonetheless, it's there. And I know I have more than "one win."

It's pretty damned cool, to be honest, and you should go pick one up. This is dynamic, not static, so my stats will update as we go along, up until the beta ends on the 19th. Share yours in the comments, if there are people out there reading this...