Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Zelda XVI Theory: That Blue Thing in the Artwork? Navi.

As I'm perusing the internet on Zelda stuff, I take it upon myself to check out Zeldapedia to see if they have anything.

And they do.

On April 5, an update to the page for the "Blue Figure" hit, with a subcategory to "Theories," simply titled "Navi." My blood is boiling at this point.

The Blue Figure is the name given to the apparently Zora-looking person standing back-to-back to Link in the only artwork we have. It is here that a pretty wild assertion is made: the Blue Figure is Navi, and this is a remake of Ocarina of Time.

Now, remember back to my post way back in January in regards to a 2chan leak of info that said we could be getting a Majora's Mask sequel. Well, this isn't too far off, as the timeline of the new game can be anywhere between Ocarina Remake and years beyond Majora's Mask, with "right after Link comes back to Hyrule from Termina" in the middle.

In my original post, in point #4, I say this:

The Zora-looking girl, who has been rumored to actually be the Master Sword, judging by her looks, is actually not the Master Sword, and there are no plans for Link to obtain the sword. Her name is Aderu (most likely the Japanese pronunciation), but may also be Adelle or Adella (their speculation) for Western audiences (my speculation). She doesn't follow the same suit as Navi/Ezlo/Midna, as she's seldom seen with you. Also, that's not her face in the artwork.

Now, think about that bolded section for a moment. "That's not her face." If that's not her face, then it can only be a mask. Why would she need a mask? Because there's nothing behind it; the "body" is faceless. What we're sesing may just be a humanoid visualization of a creature taking the form of this entity. Here's the Zeldapedia entry on Navi:

Although not as popular as the Master Sword theory, some fans have speculated that the Blue Figure is in fact Navi, as it resembles a blue, female fairy. GameSpot, who often has inside knowledge about games, fueled this idea by displaying a picture of the Blue Figure in one of their Zelda Wii articles, with a caption reading "Hey, listen!"

If this theory is indeed true, it may indicate that Zelda Wii is not a new game at all, but rather a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It may also take place in the years following The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask where Link is presumably searching for Navi, despite Shigeru Miyamoto's claims that Zelda Wii will be a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

So it could be a re-imagination of Navi, where rather being a glowing blue ball of light with wings, Navi is taking on an almost Tinkerbell approach; a very, very, very small humanoid figure, but the same size as old scool Navi.

The above theory is if this is a remake of OoT. If this is a sequel to MM, as many, like myself, have speculated, than this could be Navi's new form. The Forest Fairies could undergo a drastic change later in their life, maturing to take on a humanoid figure (that's the word of the day). The proportions of the Blue Figure could be done out of proportion just to give the character more detail, and to throw gamers off that this is not Navi; imagine if the artwork had show the Blue Figure as small as a fairie near Link's shoulder. The internet would have a fucking field day. Hell, it could just be Shiggy and Eiji giving the 10 year old fairy look a much needed remake.

"Remake?" Uh-oh...