Saturday, May 8, 2010

Now Contributing for

I really should have mentioned this when it happened, but I was approached by a strapping gentleman by the name of Christian Davis via email from Push-Start, a website based out the UK, to contribute my writing to them. He said he was a reoccurring reader and he liked my writing. I talked to him and the founder, Daniel Pepper, and they brought me on board.

I'm not 100% exclusive to Push-Start - I will be allowed to contribute to them, and republish my work here on Destroyed Controller if I so choose - but my writing for them should start soon; they set me up with site admin access and my account for WordPress. I'm still going through their qualifications and regime for posting to make sure I make a good fit with them, and that I don't offend their readers (read: no swearing).

I'm purely contributing to their site; Destroyed Controller will still be up. Compare it to Ben Heck writing every once in a while for Joystiq. Don't consider it "picked up" or "acquired by" or anything like that, however, my posting frequency will more than likely dwindle here and pick up at Push-Start.

Perhaps I can go from "One gamer's voice and half-assed dev-blog" to just a half-assed dev blog.