Friday, May 21, 2010

Why I Refer to the New Zelda Game as "Zelda XVI"

So, I've been talking about the new Legend of Zelda game, which all media outlets are dubbing it "Zelda Wii," whereas I'm the only kook on the Internet referring to it as "Zelda XVI," or for those who never bothered to learn the Roman Numerical System outside of the face of a clock or beyond what a Final Fantasy game tells you, "Zelda 16."

Yes, we're already at magical 16 in the Zelda series. Ocarina was number 5. Yes, 5. But, with recent rumors being thrown about, Zelda XVI could be a remake of Ocarina. I digress...

Zelda Wii/Zelda XVI, whatever have you, is the newest Zelda game, following Spirit Tracks. Most of the internet - save for myself - calls it Zelda Wii, and there's good reason for it: it's the first true Zelda game on the system. I, for one, consider Twilight Princess to be the first Wii-based Zelda game, purely because halfway through Twilight Princess's development, Shigeru Miyamoto decided to have a baby with the GameCube and tinkered with it's innards every so often, in between bouts of thinking of how the new controller would work. With this baby brewing, Nintendo's R&D1 Entertainment Analysis and Development (EAD) Software Group #3 team - ya know, the really bad name for Shigeru's team - started to think about how the new Zelda game would work on the system, and started to make it for the Wii. Despite many people using the GameCube version of TP for their Zelda-story-canon material - purely because Link is actually left-handed in that version - I tend to say that TP on the Wii was the first Zelda game for the system because, let's face it: it was.

That, and seeing "Zelda XVI" invokes some sort of mind-frenzy that makes you think "Holy crap, what's this? Zelda with a roman number tacked onto the end? Surely you must be crazy; only Final Fantasy can do that! Blasphemy!" And that's purely the kind of emotion I try to invoke to get people to actually read this blog.