Thursday, June 17, 2010

[E3 2010] Truthiness in E3 Predictions : First-Party

There was a lot that went down, so I'm separating Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony into three posts to help with ease-of-use, then giving the entire third-party post it's own. You can check out my first-party predictions, as well as my third-party/multi-platform predictions to refresh your memory. To see my other Truthiness posts, check out the Microsoft, Sony and Third-Party posts to see how I fared. To do this properly, I'm color-coding each entry to correspond to my prediction: Green is spot-on, Orange is half-right, and Red is fail.

I apologize for the horrible formatting, but Blogger seriously fucked up all of my prediction posts' formatting, so were you think there should be spaces, there are, but they're just not being rendered properly. And yes, the HTML code is right.

WILD CARD: Shigeru announces Ocarina of Time remake

Most Likely:
  • The Legend of Zelda XVI Unveiled : Oh yea. Subtitled Skyward Sword, out next year.
  • Golden Sun DS Unveiled : Subtitle is Dark Dawn, and comes out later this year.
  • Retro's New Game : Yup. They're back, and guess with who? (go ahead, guess. wanna hint? look below)
  • Donkey Kong is Back! (DKC4 or Jungle Beat 2) : DK's back, and he's rollin' with Retro. Yea. Retro. And it's of the Country variety.
  • 3DS Unveiled : Definitely. And a TON of third-party support.

  • Square Shows Final Fantasy V/VI DS Remakes : Half right. Square is lined up for Final Fantasy games, but for the 3DS. Close.
  • Konami shows up with new Castlevania : There is a new Castlevania game revealed, but not for Nintendo. Harmony of Despair, the oft-rumored HD Castlevania (hence the name) is for XBLA and PSN later this year.
  • Wii Remote with MotionPlus built-in : Nope. Not surprised.
  • n-Space shows up with their new game (not Geist 2) : Nope.
  • Kid Icarus Returns : He's back, and he's the flagship launch title for the 3DS.
  • StarFox! : YES! StarFox 64 3D is being worked on for the 3DS.
  • Easier Transfers of Digital Content between systems (WiiWare/Virtual Console/DSiWare) : Of course not.
  • Further social integration (Facebook, YouTube) : Surprisingly no.
  • Virtual Console for DS announced, GameBoy support : Ugh. Nope.
What Are You Thinking:
  • Metroid Dread for DS Revealed
  • Dennis Dyack unveils Eternal Darkness 2 (BONUS: MotionPlus and Vitality Sensor support)
  • Vitality Sensor main use: horror games
  • Wireless Nunchuck
  • No More Friend Codes!
  • Netflix Channel
  • Club Nintendo Stars-to-Points Conversion

Correct : 46%

Well, Nintendo sure as shit shocked the hell out of everyone, unveiling a metric ass ton of goodies for their gamers, and my once lacking faith in Nintendo is quickly dashing the other way. And in terms of my Wild Card, a remake was announced - Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS - but it was confirmed by Eiji Aonuma. Conference: Win. Predictions: Not bad.

WILD CARD: Select Xbox titles given facelift, Achievements and XBL support

Most Likely:
  • Gears of War 3 Unveiled : Not a full reveal at the show - Dude Huge did give us a campaign level preview - but they did give a lot more at their booth.
  • Halo Reach steals the show : Campaign reveal? I think so.
  • Project Natal name/release date/pricing/launch titles; Milo center of attention : We now know it as "Kinect," (think "Connect," as in "connecting the gamer to the console," or even Microsoft trying to spread the whole "Kin" name throughout it's brands). It's going be out November 4. A total of 15 launch titles will be available, and most of them are very similar to those on the Wii (not the same game, but judging by the footage and names, it appears that a good chunk of Wii games played major influences on them). The retail model is slightly different than the original build we saw, with an elongated back, and viewed from the top, it looks like a trapezoid. Sadly, we weren't given a price, and Milo wasn't even there. Skittles was, though.
  • Too Human 2 : No...
  • Ninja Gaiden III :
  • Shadow Complex 2 :
  • Rare's Comeback (Perfect Dark 2, Banjo 4, Kameo 2, Killer Instinct) : ...and an overwhelmingly, disappointing, final 'no'.
  • Valhalla's (Itagaki) first game is exclusive : Devil's Third is coming to both the 360 and PS3.
  • Xbox 360 Slim (Blu-ray compatibility, integrated Wi-Fi) : Announced, but no blu-ray support. "Whisper quiet," integrated Wi-Fi, internal 250GB of storage, black unit, slightly smaller in design, still utilizes a disc tray as opposed to self loading tray (ala Wii and PS3). Price is set at $299. Launch date? Today. Everyone at the media briefing got one for free.
  • Zune HD2 running WinMo7 : Nothing. We'll probably see it at CES 2011.
  • Clan support : No new XBL features, despite XB1 getting it's LIVE support canned back in April. Sad, really.
What Are You Thinking:
  • Cloud Storage : Nope. Just more gigabytes.
  • Hulu and YouTube : No video streaming services, just ESPN.
  • LIVE Anywhere finally goes anywhere, shows up on mobile devices (iPhone, Droid, etc) : Of course not.
  • XBL Gold Price Drop, Platinum Tier introduced : HA! No.
  • Games-On-Demand games cheaper, same day launch with retail : Nope. Nadda.
Total : 24%

Verdict : Terrible. Microsoft focused mainly on the Kinect and forgot about Rare, it's multi-million dollar purchase that hasn't done shit for them since they bought them. You'd think Microsoft would pick up on the popularity of the God of War Collection, and the 3DS revitalizing old series or remaking classics (Ocarina of Time and StarFox 64), we should see something from them real soon.

WILD CARD: Sony listens to cries on Share, implements top three most wanted updates in a firmware update available at the conference's closure (cross game voice chat, PS2 support and auto-syncing Trophies)

Most Likely:
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta Unveiled : Teaser trailer, and small gameplay snippet.
  • Killzone 3 Unveiled, "Poster Child" of 3D gaming - Oh yea. They started off with it. Releases in February. Move support, too. Pretty cool. Wouldn't shut up about it.
  • Uncharted 3 Revealed : Sadly, no.
  • Move pricing/launch titles : Europe on 9/15, US on 9/19, Japan on 10/21. Controller is $50, Navigation Controller is $30, and a bundle with the Controller, PlayStation Eye and Sports Champions is $100. A PS3 bundle including the $100 Move bundle will sell for $400. 15-20 launch titles with 40 total by the end of the year. First-party games are $40.
  • Infamous 2 Unveiled : We got a trailer.
  • The Last Guardian Unveiled : Surprisingly, no.
  • Ratchet & Clank's new adventure : Along with Jak and Sly, it's Heroes on the Move.
  • Resistance 3 Revealed : Again, surprised they didn't.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 Revealed : Just Birth By Sleep.
  • Premium PSN details/pricing : $50 a year ($18 for three months), a bunch of free crap and the first three months are free.
  • PSP2 mentioned, not shown : They're sticking with what they got.
  • Slew of HD compilations : Not a slew, but we are getting The Sly Collection with 3D support.
  • Jak & Daxter returns : Along with Ratchet and Sly, it's Heroes on the Move.
  • Non-beta Home release date : Nuh-uh.
  • Cloud storage : Nope.

Verdict : Not great, but that's still half, and better than Nintendo and Microsoft predictions. Then again, there far less for Sony than the others, so less room for error. The Wild Card was half-right, as it was with Nintendo, because it does show Sony was listening to those on the Share, and brought Kevin Butler on stage. Best part of all of E3, honestly. Best prediction rate of the three conferences.