Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nintendo Conference Round-Up

The Nintendo media briefing took place on June 15, 2010, at 12:00 PM EST. Television broadcast was made available (and commercial-free, thank god) by G4, which I watched the entire hour-and-a-half thing (I'm starting to get used to this). 

Reggie's on stage. He doesn't sound like a robot like Don Mattrick or Joel McHale did yesterday. Simply put, I love listening to him talk.

ZELDA!!! Great way to start off the show. New short teaser, artwork seems less gritty than Wind Waker, but it's still TP-esque Zelda. Showing Link on horseback in the clouds, then Majora's Mask, then Wind Waker Link in the King of Red Lions, but no Twilight Princess references (MM and WW are down the same timeline, so they are connected; perhaps this is a sequel to Majora's Mask) Titled The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Miyamoto is explaining, via video, how the design came about. English dubbed over his Japanese. I'd rather listen to Kojima again. MotionPlus support for sword mechanics, nunchuck is the shield, just like in Twilight Princess. Miyamoto is on stage now, complete with English. He explains that you actually have to hold the controller combination like a sword and shield. The sword really looks like 1:1 control. It looks like he's having trouble with controls. The Sword Beam is back! 1:1 sword play seems to play into enemies, as the Deku Baba needs to be killed by slicing it in the way it's mouth is opened, a door with an eye needs to be confused, as the eye is focused on the end of the sword; rotate it in a circle over and over and you can approach is safely and kill it. Shield Bash rocks back at Octoroks to kill them. Holy shit, you can dash now! Having Bill translate Miyamoto while he's still talking is confusing as shit. Miyamoto having some problems taking out some Skulltullas on a vine with the slingshot (you no longer point at the screen, just move the Wiimote). Different mechanics for the bombs; overhead and underhand tosses. Wii Remote is acting up, and they're asking to turn on their wireless devices (HA! Apple...), but there's still some issues using the Bow. They gave up, and moved on to a remote-controlled beetle. Skyward Sword will not come out this year, but next year (sadly, not making history by having the three flagship series, Zelda, Mario and Metroid, have new entries in the same year). They're off, but a gameplay trailer is up, showing many uses for the already shown items. Awesome.

NBA Jam is up. Wii exclusive version on the show floor.

Mario volleyball. Yea, I'm not fuckin' with you: Mario Volleyball. There's other large-ball-orientated sports, such as basketball and dodgeball. Called Mario Sports Mix, coming next year.

And of course, there wouldn't be a Nintendo conference without sales figures, trying to reassure us that the Wii isn't loosing momentum (setting sales records left and right). Talking about "bridge games" that draws non-gamers in. Wii Party was just announced, despite it being leaked a while ago. Trailer is in English, but most of the text is Japanese. The "Party" of the title is purple, like "Music" is yellow, or "Fit" is green. Great, more purple.

Just Dance 2. Moving on...

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is unveiled, and we've got footage! Gone are Isaac & Co. (as said that "a new generation is here"), and we have a new cast. Coming this year! More awesome!

GOLDENEYE! Remember that leaked trailer yesterday about GoldenEye? It's here! Daniel Craig replaces Pierce Brosnan, and is a remake of the N64 classic. I shit you not. New melee kills, over the top action, not the subtle GoldenEye I remember. Seems cool, and Eurocom is working on it (Batman Beyond and Dead Space Extraction). GoldenEye is exclusive to the Wii, and comes out this year.

Epic Mickey is up. Showing a lot of gameplay, and a lot of awesome. I thought about getting it, and now, I'm sure I will.

Kirby makes his home console return. Kirby's Epic Yarn is the game, and the art style is pure fabric. Zippers to open new areas, buttons as grapple points and he can transform into different modes of transportation, big and small. Another big title coming out this year.

DragonQuest IX comes out July 11, only on the DS.

Metroid: Other M is up, finally, with new gameplay. Seems to be some over-the-shoulder, Leon Kennedy inspired third-person hallway elements. Boxart looks badass.

Retro is back, but they're working on Donkey Kong. Thank god! Donkey Kong Country Returns is the title (called it!).

Finally, we have the 3DS, and that's the official title (same logo, but with the '3' in red, interjected into the logo). The actual unit looks nothing like the current DSi on the market (when it's closed), but opened, they added an analog nub, the top screen is larger than the bottom, a 3D depth slider to manually adjust the level of 3D, it is the successor to the DS (so I guess it's the DS2), dual-toned when opened and the touch screen doesn't employ 3D tech, just the top screen. The 3DS is more powerful than the DS. The analog nub is called the Slide Pad and has both gryo and accelerometer. The front facing camera inside the system is now above the top screen, and there are two cameras on the outside or 3D picture taking (wow). You will be able to watch 3D movies on the 3DS (!!), including Disney, WB and DreamWorks (doublewow). More emphasis on glasses-free.

Project Sora is being mentioned again, and was put together solely for making a 3D game for the 3DS. Kid Icarus: Uprising is what that turned into, and is the flagship 3DS title. Looks absolutely stunning, and the graphics look on par with the PSP (yea, I said it; the PSP). "Coming soon" is all we have, and I cannot fucking wait.

Back to the 3DS. It actively searches for other DSes and Wi-Fi points while closed, or asleep. You can download new data, such as stages, quests, ghost data and rankings. This service is basically DLC content, and you won't have to pay to access this content.

On the topic of games, Miyamoto is working on a 3D version of Nintendogs, called Nintendogs + Cats. A HUGE list of third-party support for the system (21), including Activision with DJ Hero 3D, Level 5 and Professor Layton & The Mask of Miracle, Square with Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, THQ with Saints Row, EA with Madden and FIFA, Capcom with Resident Evil: Revelations and Super Street Fighter IV, WB and Batman, Ubisoft with Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy, Namco Bandai with Ridge Racer, and Konami with Metal Gear Solid. Holy shit! A video is up showing developers reactions and what they're working on (Snake in the jungle, Resident Evil will be an original title). After seeing the list of games, I cannot wait for this device and see what developers can do. I'm looking forward to how Resident Evil works out.

Another video, showing 3DS highjinks, with Iwata and MIyamoto being sucked into the system, and Reggie laughing very evil-like, but being scorched in the end by Bowser. I swear I saw an Arwing in there somewhere. And now a ton of hot girls are pouring out with 3DSes attached to their belts for demos. Like, a ton of hot girls with the system. A a line of kiosks with playable Zelda demos are coming out of the floor in front of the stage.

Kirby, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Kid Icarus, GoldenEye, Golden Sun, a slew of thrid-party support for the 3DS, including Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil...to be honest, Nintendo shit all over Microsoft this year. Looks like it's up to Sony to see where they fit in.