Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I'm Looking Forward To At E3

If you caught the original version of this, it was an amalgamated mess of text, with the only signifying parts are games in bold. I've changed this into a single, solitary list for each company, hopefully making things easier on the eye.

E3 is a mere week away, and after giving hardware impressions not too long ago, I want to share what I'm looking forward to - and expecting - at E3. I will be listing things as an overall "things to expect," or in other words, "predictions." Some are an absolute given, others are a bit wonky. This isn't limited to the conferences, but the show floor as well. If there are third-party game mentions, they are exclusive to each company. For a winger, I'll have a "Wild Card" for each company; something so out there that you would never expect in...ever.


WILD CARD: Shigeru announces Ocarina of Time remake

Most Likely:
  • The Legend of Zelda XVI Unveiled
  • Golden Sun DS Unveiled
  • Retro's New Game
  • Donkey Kong is Back! (DKC4 or Jungle Beat 2)
  • 3DS Unveiled
  • Square Shows Final Fantasy V/VI DS Remakes
  • Konami shows up with new Castlevania
  • Wii Remote with MotionPlus built-in
  • n-Space shows up with their new game (not Geist 2)
  • Kid Icarus Returns
  • StarFox! 
  • Easier Transfers of Digital Content between systems (WiiWare/Virtual Console/DSiWare)
  • Further social integration (Facebook, YouTube)
  • Virtual Console for DS announced, GameBoy support 
    What Are You Thinking:
    • Metroid Dread for DS Revealed
    • Dennis Dyack unveils Eternal Darkness 2 (BONUS: MotionPlus and Vitality Sensor support)
    • Vitality Sensor main use: horror games
    • Wireless Nunchuck
    • No More Friend Codes!
    • Netflix Channel
    • Club Nintendo Stars-to-Points Conversion


      WILD CARD: Select Xbox titles given facelift, Achievements and XBL support

      Most Likely:
      • Gears of War 3 Unveiled
      • Halo Reach steals the show
      • Project Natal name/release date/pricing/launch titles; Milo center of attention
      • Too Human 2
      • Ninja Gaiden III
      • Shadow Complex 2
      • Rare's Comeback (Perfect Dark 2, Banjo 4, Kameo 2, Killer Instinct)
      • Valhalla's (Itagaki) first game is exclusive
      • Xbox 360 Slim (Blu-ray compatibility, integrated Wi-Fi)
      • Zune HD2 running WinMo7
      • Clan support
      What Are You Thinking:
      • Cloud Storage
      • Hulu and YouTube
      • LIVE Anywhere finally goes anywhere, shows up on mobile devices (iPhone, Droid, etc)
      • XBL Gold Price Drop, Platinum Tier introduced
      • Games-On-Demand games cheaper, same day launch with retail


      WILD CARD: Sony listens to cries on Share, implements top three most wanted updates in a firmware update available at the conference's closure (cross game voice chat, PS2 support and auto-syncing Trophies)

      Most Likely:
      • God of War: Ghost of Sparta Unveiled
      • Killzone 3 Unveiled, "Poster Child" of 3D gaming
      • Uncharted 3 Revealed
      • Move pricing/launch titles 
      • Infamous 2 Unveiled
      • The Last Guardian Unveiled
      • Ratchet & Clank's new adventure
      • Resistance 3 Revealed
      • Kingdom Hearts 3 Revealed
      • Premium PSN details/pricing
      • PSP2 mentioned, not shown
      • Slew of HD compilations (Ico/SotC)
      • Jak & Daxter returns
      • Non-beta Home release date
      • Cloud storage

      Final Thoughts

      Nintendo has the biggest chance to steal the show, but also has the most to prove to gamers, and by that, I mean there is a LOT OF SHIT we want Nintendo to finally show. Sony has the most predictable show - and not just because of rumors and leaks - and Microsoft, well, they're an even playing field; things could go either way.