Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Celebrate Bungie Day '10!


Every year on the encumbered July 7 - or 'Bungie Day' - Bungie releases unto it's fans something magical. What that magic is this year is a well endowed treat: a five-minute long video, courtesty of Red vs Blue.

This year, the video goes a little above and beyond with the news, so I shan't say anything quite yet. If you wanna know without watching the video - and really, why the hell would you - tread beyond the break (or, you know, go to Bungie's site to fully celebrate Bungie Day).

Happy Bungie Day!

The RvB guys did half the episode in Halo: Reach, which led to a new map reveal: Blood Gulch is back (and bigger)! There's also a new armor ability: Hologram. You can create a clone of yourself and you can control it for, what it appears, a few moments, or until you get shot (stand somewhere where you can hide your body during the time; out in the open is suicide).

The other "half" of Blood Gulch seems to be about the size of Valhalla - Halo 3's interpretation of Blood Gulch - minus the bases on the new side.

All in all, it's a great video, and it should be up on the Marketplace sometime tomorrow.