Thursday, July 1, 2010

Club Nintendo's Yearly Goodies Announced, Influenced by Halo?

I got the email today, letting me know I can score my Club Nintendo reward for giving them enough money over the past year. Last year, we were treated with a calendar for Gold status members (yay?), while Elite members could choose between either a Mario hat replica or the Doc Louis' Punch-Out trainer, exclusive DLC only for Club Nintendo members. I opted for the Mario hat, which I've given to my NVG-wearing Master Chief helmet replica.

This year, Gold members still get a shitty calendar (with "exclusive artwork," mind you!), but Elite members get a Mario figurine/statue set:

The info for the item, taken from it's product description page on Club Nintendo:

This collectible figurine features beloved characters from Super Mario games. It measures approx. 3.9 inches in height and 4.6 inches in diameter, and comes enclosed in decorative packaging.

Seem familiar? At least in the tiny bit? For a refresher, check past the break.

See this? This is the Halo Reach Legendary Edition's Noble Team statue set. Compare, then get back to me.

There was a bit of a hiccup in their system, where the overflowing response to the email has sent the Club Nintendo site into a tizzy. It took a second attempt to login - it actually gave me the error message that a lot of people were trying to login - and each page load takes forever. At one point, it told me I didn't earn enough Coins to qualify for Elite status, when I ordered the Netflix disc just to score the 20 Coins I needed to push me over the limit at the beginning of June. Then, it says I do, and let's me get part way through ordering the Mario statue thingie. Now, it reverted back to it's original standpoint, and says "Sorry, you're shit outta luck." It continues to flip-flop between "Huzzah! Thankz for da moniez!" and "Fuck you, here's a calendar."

Let's just hope it doesn't take for goddamned ever to ship like it did last year.

UPDATE: I finally got through the system and placed the order. They say it will be delivered before the end of December. The Mario hat got to me, I think, sometime in October.