Thursday, July 22, 2010

[UPDATED] Halo: Reach Themed Xbox 360 Slim Coming Your Way

[UPDATED] Major Nelson just confirmed on his blog that the bundle is real, and everything from the product description page is real. Also unveiled is that the controller will be available separately, plus a wireless headset featuring similar, silvery-styled art and coloring. The controller and headset are both going to sell for $60 and $50 respectively ($60 for the controller?), plus be available near the back end of next month (read: before Halo: Reach's launch). Everything is available for pre-ordering starting today, plus Bungie has posted an unboxing of the unit that's available to download at and viewable on Halo Waypoint.

Image has been updated. Check after the break for more images.

[ORIGINAL STORY] So, this guy, the Ars Mole, has told Ars Technica (whom the mole does his...mole-ing for) has come out and said a Halo: Reach-themed Xbox 360 Slim (plus controller) is going to launch alongside it's respective game day-and-date with it, September 14.

Ars Mole has a hell of a knack for getting things right (or just getting word and reporting them), as he's foretold the PS3 Slim, the FFXIII and Splinter Cell 360 bundles, plus various other spot-on things.

The controller, which you see above, is silver and sports various lines of lineitude, with the a "Property of the UNSC" and other Halo-related insignias. You can tell that this is a mock-up, as the Ring of Light around the Guide button is peculiarly small, while the face buttons seem...flat.

This goes hand-in-hand with a screenshot that's been going around of a leaked product page on that shows the "Xbox 360 Halo: Reach Limited Edition Bundle," which shows a 360 Slim, inspired with the same paint job as the controller, goes for $400 and is expected to be a 250GB model (considering, well, all "limited edition" hardware bundles have always utilized the largest capacity hard drive at the time). It comes with 2 controllers (like the above) and a copy of Halo: Reach. Thank god it's not Baby-Shit Green like Halo 3's 360 was.

We've got the Slim Arcade coming out in just under two weeks with 4GB of storage, then we've got this doozy of a bundle, then finally, we get the Slim Arcade w/ Kinect bundle later this year. Not sure about you, but my wallet is fucking hating me right now.

Filter on through the Ars Technica link at the bottom to get a look - albeit a small one - at the Reach-inspired 360 Slim.

[Via Joystiq via Ars Technica]