Monday, July 12, 2010

Killzone 3 Has New Control Style, More "Run-n-Gun"

Image originally from GOONL!NE

If you've been keeping track of me, I hated Killzone 2. With a passion. Now, a thread in the Official PlayStation Community has popped up, whose author got ahold of July's issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, where it's being reported that Killzone 3's controls won't be as "heavy" as KZ2's controls. I say "thank god," because the controls killed it for me for the game. I haven't beaten the game, solely because of the controls. It can't be done. My FPS skills were honed by Halo and Call of Duty, so I'm used to arcade-y style controls.

From the excerpt, this is what we get:

And the controls definitely feel different. They're faster and punchier, although [Managing Director of Guerrilla Games, Herman] Hulst won't comment on any specific changes that may have been made: "I'm confident that when Killzone 3 comes out we're going to have a set of controls that will really appeal to the vast majority of audiences. The heavy sensation of KZ2 is absolutely gone; instead, this feels much closer to standard run-and-gun responsiveness. Oh, and there's a constant temptation to get close enough to use the new...

Sorry, but the GOONL!NE thing covers up a particularly crucial word. Or not. I'm not sure.

[Via GOONL!NE...or is it "Go Online!"?]