Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[MY GAME] Narrowing Down a Game Engine [UPDATED]

UPDATED: Ok, so perhaps I was a bit over my head when it came to Cocos2D. I forgot about Game Maker (I "remembered" about it after perusing the Metroid 2 remake website), so I downloaded it from YoYo's site. Hopefully this will get me further.

ORIGINAL: For those who don't know, I started this blog to help aid me in my quest to make a game. Well, I've narrowed it down to Cocos2D, but I'm still weighing options. I was pointed in the direction of Unity, a trial-based 3D engine by a family friend of mine, Peyton Duncan, currently the Art Director at EA Tiburon (you can check out his website here for his own artwork). The only bad thing about Unity is the hefty price tag: $1,500 for Unity Pro, $400 for Unity iPhone (before their discounts kick in for pre-ordering 3.0, which hacks a few hundred dollars off; $1,200 and $300, respectively). I'm on a budget (a non-existing budget), so the free-er, the better.

That free one would be Cocos2D, something that is heavily used on the App Store (according to their site, 550 games use the Cocos2D engine). I'll be going through it here whenever the 2.1GB download finishes, so hopefully Cocos2D is something that I can actually work with and get something tangible out the door.